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Share Launch Night Success!

  • By Erwin Bakker
  • 10 May, 2016

A Great Turn-Out for our Share Launch!

About 150 people turned up to Silsoe Community Sports Centre to hear Jo, Matt, Erwin and the committee talk about our project.  There was Prosecco, cake and coffee, followed by a presentation.  Tons of questions were asked and we were delighted with the positive response we had.

The George, Silsoe

By Erwin Bakker 11 Jul, 2016
What a great day Saturday was!  The Millennium Green Trust very kindly allowed us to use the Green for our Family Fun Day and we managed to pull in so many villagers and visitors alike with our mixture of fun and activities.  The Classic and Super Cars - mainly from locals - at the front of the Green meant that people could enter and browse some very exciting and rare cars.  The Maclaren and Lamborghini for those who like modern super cars, to classic VW Beetle and rare1949 Tatra T600 Tatraplan  amongst  others.  Martin and his Fire Bike caused lots of interest and questions as well - a great addition to the display.  Not to mention the Fiat 500 filled with balloons - there were 191 in there!  Already we have lots of requests to do it again next year!

Stalls run by Silsoe PTA, the WI and local suppliers meant that there was plenty to browse, before you reached the fairground rides for the little ones and the band for the big ones - The Monday Knights - who did some great songs between dances by Silsoe Dance School.

Silsoe Community Football Club had some games running, next to the Bouncy Slide - which sadly didn't manage to get going because of the wind.  The wind caused some issues for the band, mainly gazebo-related, however strategic placing of personnel and tent pegs seemed to resolve this as the afternoon wore on.

The Ice Cream Van seemed to be doing a roaring trade - probably because it was next to the Beer Tent which also seemed to do well!  The smell of burgers appeared to lure people over and those who didn't want one, could have tea, coffee or cake - or even buy some raffle tickets - just £1 a strip!

Finally a special mention for Lizzie Brown and the Pony Rides - the Green allowed us plenty of space to offer this and it was definitely a popular choice!

We can only say a big Thank you for everyone who came - not only did we raise great money for the Save The George Campaign - we also had a really great day for the community of Silsoe!
By Erwin Bakker 05 Jul, 2016

Well, we have raised  more than £140,000 from over 300 people in the local community , and more from a mortgage and other investors, so we now have the money in place to fund our final offer to the developers, which is 'in-line, if not above, the market value'.

We can complete the transaction and commence the building works, with the understanding that more potential investors are waiting for the outcome of our negotiations with the Gills before they pledge their investment.  We still strongly believe that the only way for The George to be viable in the long run is by having it owned by the local community and operated for the benefit of the local community with each shareholder having a vested interest in the business doing well and a say in how it is run.

We believe that this sense of common ownership will ensure their custom and  that The George will succeed in the centre of the village and at the heart of Silsoe.

Read all about it in our latest Press piece!

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By Erwin Bakker 20 Jun, 2016
So everything has been updated to reflect our new timeline - we just need to make the final push towards 7th July.  We will either be having a big celebration on our Family Fun Day two days later, or a big commiseration feels like a nail-biting finish!
By Erwin Bakker 18 Jun, 2016
Maggie Herod literally went the extra mile this week by walking more than her stated 74 mile goal on her epic trek along the South West Coast Path - she raised over £500 and has been an inspiration to us all - we are proud to have her on the committee!
By Erwin Bakker 18 Jun, 2016
As we crept closer to our deadline this week, we wanted to clarify some details with Central Bedfordshire Council regarding our ACV status.  after a flurry of emails, it transpires that the Council had given us the date of when the ACV was first confirmed, rather than starting it when the Developers contacted them!  This has given us an extra three weeks.  We have been watching our investors gather pace - from two a day to over twenty and from as far afield as Weymouth!   It has been brilliant to read the enthusiasm on our Facebook page as people joined the Society as Shareholders and seeing lots of Shares and re-Tweets of our news.  We are confident of raising enough investment, it's now all about what happens next ...
By Erwin Bakker 26 May, 2016
Loads of questions coming in from potential investors - we have been answering them on the Facebook page, as well as adding FAQs.  Some people seem to think we want to resurrect the pub as it used to be - this is not what we want to do - we want to create something new for everyone to use, and it has been brilliant to get support and feedback from some of the businesses based at Wrest Park Enterprise as well.  We also have a booking for the accommodation for next year!  With three weeks left, lets hope that questions are satisfied and people see the true investment potential should they join us in Saving The George ...
By Erwin Bakker 13 May, 2016
Whether you invest £50, £40k or somewhere in between - every investor is getting a car sticker to show their support - start spotting them from now on!
By Erwin Bakker 13 May, 2016
An excellent programme with The One Show team, Suggs and Neil Stuke talking about keeping pubs at the heart of the community and on our High Streets.  So many of the themes resonated with our battle and what we have done.  What a great confidence-builder!
By Erwin Bakker 10 May, 2016
About 150 people turned up to Silsoe Community Sports Centre to hear Jo, Matt, Erwin and the committee talk about our project.  There was Prosecco, cake and coffee, followed by a presentation.  Tons of questions were asked and we were delighted with the positive response we had.
By Erwin Bakker 05 May, 2016
We are all excited about our Share Launch Event at the new Community Sports Centre in Silsoe.  With nearly £17k raised already, funding agreed with our bank and lots of publicity from Beds on Sunday and BBC3 Counties Radio in the last few days, we are hoping the community and people from further afield will be joining us tonight.  The Committee are getting ready to present the initiative and answer any burning questions people have.  With the cakes being sliced, cups of tea and coffee being made, Prosecco poured - we hope that we get even more interest!
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